Correspondance and Payment

Book & Pay Online

We are committed to work with modern correspondence and payment solutions. Therefor we have email adressen under our domain, so you know from where you can expect our emails to come from. Its common here in Africa to pay with cash even if visitors want to pay other ways. To meet this demand we have a partnership with 3G Direct Pay so you can make transactions and pay for our services before coming to Africa. We are listed as a supplier under the letter ā€œDā€ as in Diamond Glacier Adventures here.

The way it works

  1. Scan our website and, by using email or the contact form, send us your ideas of how you want your trip to Africa to look like.
  2. We will answer your email with suggestions and prices. This dialog continues until an itinerary is agreed upon.
  3. An invoice will then be sent from us using the 3G Direct Pay service with information of the price, services you pay for and instructions how to make the money transaction.
    DGA will require the following details to enable 3G Direct pay to easily make sure the person intended it is the right one: Full name, home address, passport number, zip code, email address which 3G direct pay will use to snd invoice, state (country), nationality. For more details about payment send us an email or call.
  4. After the transaction is made a receipt will be sent confirming your payment and everything is set for some great days in Africa with us at DGA as proud tour guides. Welcome you to our beautiful country Tanzania (East Africa)!