Note From Your Guide

Dear friends,

Welcome to Tanzania, our heritage land. Karibu!

Tanzania is a lovely country, a country which is full of wonders from hiking to the wilderness and from the wilderness to the sandy beaches.

Tanzania people are so generous, kind and charming. There is so much I can tell you about the people of Tanzania  but today let me tell you a bit about hiking, the wilderness and the beaches.

While talking about hiking, I am definitely going to lead you to the tops of Tanzania’s peaks. These are

  • Kilimanjaro – a dormant volcano.
  • Mount Meru – a dead volcano. Meru has two peaks – little Meru peak and big Meru peak (which is the main peak)
  • Oldonyo Lengai – an active volcano

Let’s start with Kilimanjaro. This is the Highest Mountain of all in Africa. It is Free Standing Mountain. This is our roof. Its height is 5892m.

We are so proud of our mountain. The mountain is divided into five zones, which are

  • Cultivated zone – below 1800m
  • Forest zone – from 1800m up to 3000m
  • Moorland zone – from 3000m to 4000m
  • Desert zone – from 4000m to 5000m
  • Alpine (summit) zone – from 5000m to the top

On the cultivated zone is where you can find the Chagga Tribe. As part of this tribe, I can say we are so lucky to live in this zone. I think if you have been here, or met anybody from here you will agree with me.

Our land is so fertile due to the lava which flows from the mountain during its eruption. We grow different types of crops such as beans, maize, sugarcane, as well as banana that we use for making our traditional local brew (mbege). Our brew is so fresh!

We also use mbege to prepare our traditional food (machalari). While the bananas are fresh, eat them with beef. It’s so delicious.

Long ago our ancestors built their houses so all the family, cattle and chickens could fit. It was built with wild grasses or dry banana leaves. It’s amazing how they lived while also creating delicious recipes.

We used to call the mountain Kilema Kyaro, which means “unable to climb.” But because of mispronunciation from visitors, the mountain acquired its name Kilimanjaro.

I wanted to tell you something about my tribe, the Chagga. But we also know a lot more about the 125 tribes that are in Tanzania.

We can also offer you the opportunity to embark on  a safari with us. One option is visiting the Maasi land. They call their territory Maasai Boma. In each and every Boma there is a head of the family. They graze cattle while living in the wilderness areas. Lots of them are living in Ngorongoro and this area is now called Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

After trekking and traveling across Tanzania, we can also take you to the beaches of Zanzibar. This is where you can have time to relax and lay on the soft sand in this island.

We have so much that we can share together. We will offer you a bowl of traditional brew and machalari, our traditional food. Our pride is to see you leaving Tanzania while smiling and sometimes say, my team at Diamond Glacier Adventures were crazy. We would like to leave you with something to share with friends and family at home. Show your teeth at home, not any wrinkles on your face.