Maasai Tour

Meeting indigenous people and experiencing their rewarding culture, norms and traditions, while exploring their amazing natural environments, will make your journey unforgettable. In northern Tanzania, you will find the Maasai and Chagga tribes, a magnificent valley, rivers, lakes, springs and ridges – all offering a super view point of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. Our Cultural Tourism Program Offers:

  • Traditional Food. The food will depend on the particular tribe you are visiting. If Chagga tribe, you will eat Machalari, which is their traditional food. It is fresh banana cooked together with beef. If you visit the Maasai, you will eat meat. On request, vegetarian food can be provided.
  • Shamba Tour (farm tour). Here you can observe local farmers working in their fields, hoeing the land and keeping their domestic animals.
  • Maasai, Chagga and Swahili culture tour, including arts & crafts and traditional dance. You have the opportunity to just watch the dance and arts and crafts or participate.
  • Maasai, Chagga and Swahili Survival course, including showing you how people have managed to survive. Learn about the local medicine.
  • Nature Hike, where you can hike to the local mountain and see the countryside.
  • Study tour, including learning about the lives of the indigenous tribes, what has changed over the years and how the tribes  are handling these many changes.
  • Historical information (from our museum), where you can learn about Tanzanian life in general.

Rate: $300 per person. This includes transport to the village, food, guide and driver, and the village fee. Tips are appreciated. Additional option: you can stay the night for $50.